Special Event Planning

How to plan a perfect special event

When planning any special event with catering, several factors influence the overall outcome of the event. The more information you provide your caterer, the better able they will be able to design and produce the event you have in mind. They should also be able to guide you to suitable special event services that will enhance your party.  Here are some quick questions to answer before you being contacting your special event service providers.

What is your budget?

Don’t be afraid to share the target budget for your event either. A budget is designed to control the financial aspect of your event, so letting your caterer know what funds you have for your event will only help your caterer help you. Knowing the menu budget, a good caterer will design your catering menu with items that will fit your budget and steer you away from items that won’t meet those guidelines.

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What menu do you want to serve and how much do I need?

Several factors influence the answers to these questions to ensure you’re offering just the right catering menu that will complement the purpose of the corporate special event or social event. The time allotted and the area or venue will also effect what a professional caterer will recommend or create for you. Good caterers know how much food you’ll need and should educate you to how much you need and why.

What is the purpose of the special event?

Is this a celebration, corporate training meeting, working lunch, retirement party, corporate banquet or wedding reception? Each of these special events have their own unique purpose and any professional caterer will know the difference and be able to suggest appropriate menus and services that will enhance the outcome of your event. Will this be a Breakfast, Lunch or Banquet or an Appetizer Reception?

What is the budget being used to plan the special event?

One of the most important questions is how much money you have to spend. Your budget needs to be sufficient enough and realistic for the plans you’re making so start noting all the things you’ll need or want for the event and put dollar amounts to those items and see what your budget really is.

Who’s been invited?

Are you hosting a special event with all your friends and family? Is this a VIP corporate client appreciation celebration? Is this a grand opening for a new store, office building, or new business location? Are you launching a new product or service? Or, is this a celebration of a milestone in your life like a wedding reception, anniversary or birthday? These details also matter when you initially begin planning your special event and catering.

Will there be seating?

Is this a walk-and-talk, mix-and-mingle corporate special event or a formal affair? A seated dinner, or a grand reception? The food and beverage catering possibilities may be restricted based on these answers. You would not wish to serve a steak dinner with limited or no seating available for guests to sit down and actually cut their steak so small appetizer size items are what you’d want. Your caterer should be able to recommend appropriate menu items that compliment your event.

What level of service should you use for your catered special event?

Buffet style, family style, plated meal service and food stations…what are they and which should you choose? To decide which works best for your next event read more.