Best Sandwich and Salad Catering

Best Sandwich and Salad Cateringbest sandwich catering

The best sandwich and salad catering options are sandwich tray catering and box lunch catering, two of the most popular office catering items offered today. Either option create an easy way to feed a group with little fuss or worry about keeping things hot. They are so popular now that they show up on most caterers’ menus either as a sandwich on some sort of bread, or now, the wrap sandwich has become a very popular sandwich catering option using a flour tortilla as the bread.

We’ve also included our Entrée Salads with our sandwich catering menu so you can mix and match your menu and also satisfy gluten free, vegetarian and vegan dietary concerns.

Which Sandwich Catering Do You Need?

dallas sandwich tray cateringSandwich Tray Catering

Most sandwich catering in Dallas is either done on sandwich trays or presented as the ever so popular box lunch! The sandwich tray catering is really buffet service and allows your guests to select form an assortment of sandwiches arranged on catering trays.  Side items like potato chips, potato salad, and fruit salad are also presented in a buffet or bulk basket or bowl and guest serve themselves.  Since they might take a sample of all the side items you have on your menu you should order accordingly or have your caterer help you with quantities. This catering service does require a little bit more time for everyone to decide what to take from the offering and then sit down and enjoy it so your meeting agenda should allow extra time.sandwich tray catering

best sandwich and salad cateringBox Lunch Catering

If there is limited time for lunch, the Box Lunch catering option is the one for you! A sandwich, side items or items, and typically a cookie are included in a box and the guest simply picks a box and presto, lunch is served. Our boxes include wrapped cutlery and sandwich condiments on the side so nothing gets soggy or wet. Aspen Catering box lunches are served in a clear box so guests can easily see what options they have versus other catering box lunches which have to be opened to see what’s inside. And, once someone has fiddled with a box and decide they don’t like what they saw…they move on to another box. The problem with other caterer’s boxes…guests won’t want to take a box that is already opened!

The benefit of our boxes:

They are clear so no poking through one to see what’s in it
They are plastic so they won’t get ruined during delivery
They are sealed should one accidentally drop it, ours will more than likely survive the tumble
They are all labeled with what’s on the sandwich they are about to eat