Certified Bartenders & Wait Staff in Dallas

Certified Bartenders and Wait Staff
certified bartenders and wait staff in dallas

Enjoy your own party and let our bartenders and wait staff tend to all the details. With years of experience, our professional catering staff will set up your catered banquet or reception, serve your guests and clean up all we prepared and provided so you can be a guest at  your own party.

Professional Service Staff

Our professional service staff team has years of event experience and will pamper your guests with the service you expect. From the set up to the cleanup, they’ll take care of every little detail. We take on the work and worry while you enjoy your event with your guests.

Wait Staff is quoted by the hour with an average event requiring 6 hours of time. The time needed for your event depends on what you need us to do the location of the venue and the type of service you wish to provide your guests. Most events require at least 1 to 1-1/2 hours to set up and about 1 hour to take down. Besides setting up your food and beverages, you can also ask us to arrange things like:

Place Your Table Centerpieces (or order them through us)

Prepare Guest Giveaways and Gifts

Decorate the Venue

Put out Place Cards or Reserved Signs for Guests of Honor

Certified Bartenders

Our professional bartending team has years of event experience serving hundreds of guests with any alcoholic beverages you’ve decided to offer your guests. They are certified by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and are trained to manage any alcohol you’ve decided to provide. For your protection, they will control how much is being consumed and avoid over-serving guests, creating a potential liability for you.

We can also provide Wait staff and Bartenders separate from our catering. If you’re in need of wait staff for a reception that you, family members and friends are providing the food, we can be there to serve your guests in style.

Celebrations/Birthdays/Corporate Receptions

Typically, special events range from 3-4 hours long with 2-1/2 hours for set up and clean up. Wedding receptions average closer to 4-6 hours with the set up dependent upon the ceremony taking place at the reception venue. The menu you selected along with the place settings you’re using along with the logistics of the venue would determine your actual needs along with the type of service you wish to offer. Standard catering guidelines for wait staff are:

Buffet Service – 1 to 2 wait staff per 50 Guests

Passed or Plated Meals 2-4 wait staff per 50 Guests

Bartenders 1 per 50-75 Guests

Wedding Receptions

Receptions average about 4-5 hours long with 3-3 1/2 hours for set up and clean up. The menu, venue and ceremony will determine your actual needs along with type of service you want to offer. These are just guidelines:

Buffet/Station Service 1 to 2 wait staff per 50 Guests

Passed and/or Plated Menus 2-4 wait staff per 50 Guests

Bartenders 1 per 50-75 Guests

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