Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Grand Velvet Chocolate Fountain

Our 44″ tall fountain features 4 tiers of melted, warm dark, white or milk chocolate. This eye catching fountain creates a spectacular centerpiece and great entertainment for any event. The fee includes: the first 14 lbs. of chocolate and machine rental. *Serves 100+ starting at $295.00

Deluxe Velvet Chocolate Fountain

This fountain is 27″ tall, features 3 tiers with warm dark, white or milk chocolate. The fee includes: the first 10 lbs. of chocolate and the machine rental. *Serves 50 – 100+ starting at $195.00

Chocolate Fountain Dippers

Gourmet Cookies Marshmallows
Vanilla Wafers
Graham Crackers
Vanilla Wafers
Granola Bars
Sandwich Cookies

Party Cream Puffs
Kettle Chips
Bagel Chips
Rice Kripsie Treats
Apple Slices
Reeces Cups
Pound Cake

Simply pick the dippers of your choice to create your perfect, memorable event! Or, we’d be glad to assist you with your perfect dipper selections! **Please plan at least 4 dippers per person. **

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