Wedding Cakes

Our Wedding Cake Catering

Every bride has a vision of the perfect wedding cake and we’ve produce many over the years. Our cakes are professionally prepared, decorated, delivered and set up on site. Not only do they look fabulous, they taste great too. Boxes are provided for any left over cake so you can enjoy every bite!

Because no two cakes are the same, a custom quote will be prepared with the cake flavors, number of tiers and decorations requested. Pictures of what you have in mind are welcome.

What size cake do you need?

The size of your wedding cake will more than likely be determined by your guest count. Here’s a quick guide to the number of tiers you’ll need for the number of servings.

The Style of Your Wedding Cake

There are so many style of wedding cakes, the sky’s the limit. From traditional to simple, elegant, rustic or ornate,  just find a picture of the one you want and most professional bakers will be able to create that for  you.

And Wedding Cakes don’t have to be cake. Some are created with the bride and groom’s favorite food like dougnuts, Twinkies, Rice Krispie Treats and other fun food ideas. For inspiration on creating our perfect non-cake wedding cake, see more here.

Don’t forget the Groom!

Groom’s cakes typically are based on a theme and can be included in your quote too. Just tell us what you want and we’ll get started

Fondant or Buttercream?

Fondant is that sleek, smooth sugary icing that’s typically rolled out and custom fit on the cake layer. It allows for some great artistic creations that can really dazzle a crowd. And, because it takes an experienced professional to create these fantastic artist-like cakes, it typically costs significantly more for any cake using fondant.

Buttercream is probably the most popular icing used and a great baker can usually create a very close version of the fondant cake you want, in the softer butter cream icing. The question really comes down to how imporant is the look of the cake versus the budget you have for your cake?

Schedule a cake tasting to explore even more about the possibilities!