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China and Glassware or Disposable Place Setting Options?

For budgeting purposes, evaluate the use of china and glassware versus disposable place settings and be sure to pick the one that best supports your budget. Full china place settings require more service staff, more bartenders and significantly more expense. Here is a Catering Place Setting Comparison to show you an example of 4 options. Market prices may vary but the chart will give you an indication of which place setting you may want to consider.

Real China, Glassware and Flatware

China is always lovely and presents a more formal catering meal service however there is a cost that can dramatically influence any budget. For everything menu item on the menu, you will need a plate, bowl or cup on which that menu item will be presented. You will need a utensil for just about every menu item being offered at your event, and, for every beverage you expect your guests to consume, you will need to supply a glass, flute or tumbler.
This china catering service also requires more wait staff and bartenders than if the meal was offered on disposable plates with disposable tumblers because of the care chiina and glassware require. The average cost of a full banquet china place setting is about $10 per person.
Disposable Catering Place Settings

Using disposable plates and utensils for wedding catering and special event catering is a very popular option because it’s more economical to serve a large number of people. It also allows for quicker service, meaning you’ll need fewer Professional Wait Staff, you won’t have to worry about breaking or losing real plates and utensils, and offers you a faster clean up time when the party’s over.

1. China with silver plate flatware
2. China with stainless flatware
3. Acrylic plates with disposable silver utensils
4. Standard white foam place settings
Our Disposable Catering Place Setting Options

We can provide whatever you select and here are some samples of great disposable place settings. Available in different styles and prices, we offer serveral choices of disposable plates and utensils:

Opulence Place Setting

*Special order – please ask for details

These are stronger than clear plastic and ideal for hot meals and buffets when something nicer is needed. Plate sizes are 10″ and 7.25″. Mugs and bowls are also available to complete the place setting.

White Acrylic with Silver Band Place Setting*

*Special order – please ask for details

When the look of china is what you need, these are the perfect place settings. To compliment these, use our disposable acrylic silver utensils for that perfectly set table and never worry about breaking the good china again.

Eco-Friendly Place Setting

We even have eco-friendly place settings for those concerned about our environment. Some organizations and even venues will only allow this option or the use of real china and glassware so we’ve added this option to our disposable place setting options.

Silver Acrylic Utensils

The look of real flatware in a disposable option! Looks great on the table and your guests will get a kick out of throwing them away!

Standard Place Setting

White foam plates and clear plastic eating utensils

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