Breakfast Catering Checklist

Planning an office breakfast catering?office breakfast catering

Here’s an easy Breakfast Catering checklist to help make your catering a success.

What time will the guests arrive?

Catering should be scheduled for delivery and set up to be complet 15-30 mintues prior to guests’ arrival

Is this a VIP guest list?

Use company provided disposable plates, cups and utensils
Use your own caterer’ basic disposable place settings
Buy your own disposable place settings

Use higher quality disposable place settings. Ours are clear acrylic plates and coffee mugs and silver colored disposable utensils

Use china, flatware and glassware

Set up will take longer as will clean up and you’ll need to have more than your head count. You should have about 5-10% more place settings than your guest count should someone drop a napkin, not wish reuse a glass or want a second fork.

Napkins – always have about 10% more napkins than your guests count in case someone dropped one, wiped up a spill with one or went back for seconds and won’t reuse the one they originally had.

Glasses – you should plan on about 1.25-1.5 glasses per person along with the same for coffee cups/saucers or mugs. Some people just won’t reuse these so depending on how long our meeting will last, these are a must for beverage refills.

What breakfast menu should you serve?

Did they stay at a hotel the night before and does that hotel offer a free continental breakfast?

Your breakfast menu should be on the light side and more of a meet and great menu like a simple pastry assortment, some fruit or yogurt. Coffee, bottled water and juices would be appropriate to have available too.

If your guests had no access to some sort of breakfast prior to your meeting then a more substantial breakfast should be offered and include:

Main entree – eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage or a breakfast casseroles like quiche, frittatas and/or oatmeal

Breads – pastry, bagels and cream cheeses, coffee cake and muffins

Fruit – either a fruit tray, fresh bananas, berries or fruit cup should be included not only to round out the meal, but for those who prefer not to eat sweets or need a gluten-free option. Yogurt along with granola or cubed fruit is a great alternative to consider adding too

Beverages – Coffees, assorted juices and bottled water are must haves for your menu. Though people will have had coffee more than likely prior to arriving, it’s always a good idea to have some available for the meeting.

Bottled water – plan on at least one bottle of water per person as a minimum. The longer the meeting, the more you’ll need.

Other beverages – if your meeting is a bit longer and will last up until a lunch break, adding iced teas, soft drinks and more juices would be wise

Ice – you will need plenty of ice not only to chill the drinks but also to put in the glasses used for tea and soft drinks. Some people will have juice on ice so plan on providing plenty of ice. If you only have access to a small ice machine, ask your caterer to provide more.

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