Aspen Catering Team

aspen catering teamMeet Aspen Catering’s Team


Robin is our General Manger and has been with Aspen Catering since day 1. With her 30+ years of restaurant management experience, she’s done it all! She’s cooked, sliced, diced and prepared almost everything on our menu and now manages our production team. She also manages all our purchasing and receiving and works closely with our chef exploring new and better ingredients, recipes and methods of doing everything production related.


Marc is our miracle manager with a nickname of “super – man”. He can be everywhere and anywhere at any time and performs delivery miracles only he can do. He’s been with Aspen Catering for 20+ years so he knows the ins and outs of just about any office building in town, and can set records delivering and setting up business catering orders and special events. He manages our delivery staff, vehicle schedules, and using his accounting background, also manages accounts receivables. And when he’s not doing all of that, he processes our payroll and that responsibility makes him a favorite to everyone on our team.


Valerie is our Special Event Gem! There is no event she can’t do and we count on her to make all our events beautiful and run smoothly no matter where and no matter when and she does just that. As our Senior Sales Consultant, she also manages incoming calls, prospects for new clients and manages special events from start to finish. She conducts site previews, schedules our Special Event Team, and is on-site for most of our events which is her passion. Anyone who works with her just raves about her and we’re so grateful she’s on our team.


Stephen is, in a word – AMAZING! He quite laid back for a Production Manager however his keen eye for detail will astound you. His management of our recipes, menu items, production team and schedule produces the best catered food you can find. Always fresh, always the correct quantity and always on time for he’d have it no other way. His standard is simply…perfection and nothing less. Not only is he terrific in the kitchen, he also has some valuable experience in our repair department. He can fix just about anything like a worn out plug, or a broken piece of equipment and he can even fix our vehicles! A fantastic bonus for us!


Pam is the woman behind this woman owned business. Having over 40 years (and she doesn’t want to admit that) of food service management experience along with a degree in Dietetics, her dream was to have her own catering business and after years of planning, Aspen Catering was born. Having started Aspen Deli in 1997 with the goal of having a corporate catering business, she developed our menus, introduced fresh baked bread, pastries and desserts to the deli menu and then added a complete hot meal menu. 6 years later, Aspen Deli moved to a larger facility became Aspen Catering. She designed all our processes and procedures and taken our menu from sandwich trays and box lunches to full service events serving groups from 8 to 1,200! She manages our new menu items, numerous corporate accounts and all our custom menus.